Monday, December 28, 2015

# Fenix Del Sur

have transfers this week and I am super duper scared I'm getting
transferred or that I am going to get a new companion.  I'm not ready
to go through the getting to know you stage again, Hermana Andelin and
I are just too tight.  She is my number one home girl.

Christmas week was such an awesome week!  We went to Christmas
parties, did service, and ate and ate and ate.
  On Christmas Eve we went and saw Joseph Lopez.  He is such a goof.
Every time we go over there he says "I have been meaning to tell you
guys, I don't want tone baptized."  Every single time.  We just laugh
at him.  Well this time it started out the same, but ended a lot
different.  I asked him if he believed everything that we had taught
him, and he said " Of course I do.  God gave me an answer.  I have
seen results, I can feel it.  I just don't know how I can go to 3
hours of church when the Cardinals are on!"  Oh Joseph.  How amazing
is it though that this 14 year old punk can receive and recognize an
answer from God.  Now, if we can just petition and get the Cardinals
to start playing on Saturdays.

It was so awesome getting to talk to the family for a bit, love you
guys.  Thanks to everyone that sent me letters and Christmas cards and
packages!  I got to feel a little bit of some Utah love:)

As Christmas season comes to an end and as we are getting ready make
resolutions, I hope to keep the spirit of Christ with me all year
round.  The love and light of Christ is something that will never end.

Sister Dunlap was playing with her new bouncy ball and hit the light
fixture in our living room and smashed it.  Glass everywhere.

I got asked how old I was and I said watermelon.  I don't know how I
miss understood that.

None of us could sleep on Christmas Eve so we took a picture.

We got stranded by ourselves at the visitors center for 3 hours.  Our
ride ditched us so we just walked around acted like Mesa Temple
missionaries.  We convinced quite a few families to meet with the the

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