Monday, January 25, 2016


Ok sorry didn't mean to send a blank email.

This week went by super duper fast.  I can't really remember what
happened, bare with me.

So we started off the week with the missionary conference on
Wednesday, super duper awesome.  It was cool to think that all the
missionaries in he world were watching the same thing.  Relearned a
lot of awesome things.

This week I wanna talk a little bit about Irma.  She is one of the
most prepared people I have ever taught in my life.  She literally
walked into the church one Sunday and just started going to church.
So she has been doing this for about three months, but she has been
going to the English ward.  So finally we were able to start teaching
her and she is getting baptized!  When we asked her to read and pray
about the Book of Mormon she was said, " well from the little that I
have read I know that it's true,  I have already seen it answer my
prayers."  What?!  OK.  So she came to church with us yesterday and
just couldn't stop talking about how much she loved it and that she is
going to keep coming for the rest of her life ☺️. I ❤️Irma

This week I have been reflecting a lot on how as missionaries our job
is not to teach, that is the job of the Spirit.  We have noticed in
our teaching that if we are making sure that the spirit is present and
that we have planned a lesson according to their personal needs, the
spirit teaches them exactly what they need to do.  The coolest thing
in the world is when an investigator can teach themselves.  That's how
it's suppose to be!  If the spirit is teaching they will tell you they
need to live the gospel not the other way around.  So cool.

We had a cool experience this week with a girl named Heidy.  She is
always super busy because of homework so we decided that we would help
her with it one night with her debate homework, you would never guess
what it was about.  Whether the 10 commandments still apply today.
Hmmm I wonder what God wanted us to do...  Ok so we whipped out a
little Mosiah 13 and talked her the Ten Commandments. Heck yeah they
still apply today!  She got super excited and committed to reading the
Book of Mormon before she does homework from now on. Fist pump.


A less active told us he peed the demons out of him 😳

We ate carne ASADA three nights this week.  My skirts are all too
tight now 😬. But it's sooooo good #carneasadagut

I gave my first talk in Spanish yesterday.  I never want to do that again.

The lettuce fields literally look like slavery fields.  The lettuce
fields ruin our lives and take all of our investigators till the wee
hours of the night.

Right after the camel pic was taken, the camel bit Hermana Kiel on the
shoulder πŸ˜…πŸ˜… also helmet hair still exists here in Yuma the struggle

Monday, January 18, 2016

# That lettuce is free right?....

The more we come to understand the atonement of Christ the greater our
desire will be to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The more and more I study about my Savior and the love that he has for
us, the easier it becomes to share the plan that God has for us.  This
week was filled with lots of humbling moments where was able to
recognize how small I am, and how great is our God!  This week a we
met with a man named Javier.  He is an a middle aged guy who has quite
a few health problems and has lots of doubts about our message.  We
started out with him telling us everything wrong with our Church and
how we need to stop worshiping Jose smith and yada yada yada.  Like
most lessons start out:). But something really cool happened.Hermana
Gubler and I both felt like all we needed to do was testify and teach
him about the power of prayer.  What I really wanted to do was start
bible bashin with him because I love me a good little brawl.  But like
everytime I want to God told me  "Um, no."  So I didn't.  Thank
goodness, because what happened was awesome.  As we talked with him,
he became more and more kind, more and more receptive.  He stopped and
looked at us and said " I have never prayed outbound before, I am
scared to do it."  I asked him if he would pray right then and there
and he said no. What was I suppose to do?  He doesn't want to pray, I
can't make him pray.  But the spirit told me that he had to pray.  So
I was trying to convince him, which never works, and again he said no.
All of the sudden The spirit said as clear as a bell, just pray for
him to have the desire to pray.  So I did.  And After we all said
amen, he started his own prayer, a very simple but heart felt prayer
praying for us that we would be safe and that we would be happy.  The
spirit is someone that is truly everyone's best friend, he knows
people better than they know themselves and is some that knows exactly
what they need when un perfect missionaries like me don't.

Just thought I would share that simple experience with you☺️

So every missionary listens to band called Nashville Tribute band,
which is a country Christian band from Utah.  Well Hermana Gubler and
I started our own band called Compton Tribute Band.  Hire us for any
event in the Yuma area.

Found some more mops on Mexican porches.  Still don't know why they do that

We contacted a referal from Hermana Gubler's dad!  We thought he was
going to be Mexican but SURPRISE, total gringo.

I tripped so hard in relief society and even the presidency laughed at
me, glad I can always be an entertainment for others.  Really though
it was so hilarious, fell right on my face.

A convinced a lady in a bath towel to have us come back and learn
more. That was a first!

There is a rumor going around The mission that I sleep in a doo rag
don't know where that started...

Also happy MARTIN LUTHER KING JR DAY.  Sorry I can't be home to remind
you all to watch Selma and listen to Otis Redding and Sam Cook but
please do it.

I may or may not have took lettuce from a already harvested lettuce
field.... It was a double dog dare, I HAD TO DO IT.

Monday, January 11, 2016

# "So I went to the California Sand Dunes Today"

This week went by sooo fast and I can't remember anything that happened.

All I know is being a missionary is the best thing in the world!  I
want to be a missionary for the rest of my life.  Is here a way to do
that?  If so I will find it.  I have learned so much this week.
Something crazy that we have noticed from talking to members and
talking to recent converts is that the gospel truly blesses families.
We are trying really hard to find some families to teach so that they
all have the support of each other.  Also Hermana Gubler and I have
rockin companion unity when we teach.  This past week has been full of
lesson where we walk out being like, THE SPIRIT WAS STRONGER THAT
ARNOLD SWARTENENGER .  ( I don't know how to spell that) seriously
though it's amazing being able to be the mouth piece for the spirit.
Being able to teach with the power and authority of God is the biggest
privilege.  I NEVER WANT TO STOP.

We got 8 new investigators this week who are all friends of members!
Please pray for them that they will be willing to keep meeting and
learning with us!


We got lost and ended up on this old people golf course community on
the   The Indian reservation.


I stuck my armpit in a ladies face.... Don't ask

Sand dunes
Mexico border
We love Yuma

Monday, January 4, 2016

# I'm in the promised land surrounded by lechuga



Yes I did get transferred, when I found out Hermana Andelin and I
looked at each other and bawled for a solid hour.  I was so incredibly
sad.  We have so many people on date there and so many that are so
close, sometimes I feel like Us as a companionship were the only one
that can get through to people which is totally false I have come to
realize.  But I couldn't be happier because I am in the promised land
of Yuma, the world capital of lettuce farms.  For those of you that

don't know, Yuma is the place to be in the Tempe Az mission.
Literally every missionary begs to come to Yuma.  It's three hours
away from any other zona and covers half the mission.  They haven't
had sister down here in over a year and I am one of the lucky few to
open it back up!

My new companion is Hermana Gubler!  She is awesome she is from
central California and played rugby at byu so she is pretty much a
boss.  She is going to help me loose all the extra beans and rice I
have carrying around my thighs. πŸ‘ŒπŸΎ

Yuma is a lot different than Phoenix, first off I'm not scared to
leave my car unlocked while I go get the mail. Second, I have yet to
see a homeless person. Third I went from serving in the largest
Spanish ward in the mission to one of the smallest branches. I'm
telling you though, this place has so much potential it's crazy.  We
activated 3 less actives in the short we have been here and they
shared their testimonies of the Book of Mormon, one went and talked to
the branch president about a temple recommend, and the other offered
to feed us burritos whenever we want. YES,!  We put a man named Rafael
on date last night, and all the people we have talked to said they are
willing to meet with us and get baptized if they receive an answer.


Every Mexican has a mop on their porch.  Siempre.

One of the elders called me honey buns the other day... 😷

Last night we were talking with this old guy who used to be a luchador
like Nacho Libre!  Then he proceeded by showing us his muscles and
lifting stuff to show how strong he was.  He literally was 85 years
old.  I was laughing so hard.

Monday, December 28, 2015

# Fenix Del Sur

have transfers this week and I am super duper scared I'm getting
transferred or that I am going to get a new companion.  I'm not ready
to go through the getting to know you stage again, Hermana Andelin and
I are just too tight.  She is my number one home girl.

Christmas week was such an awesome week!  We went to Christmas
parties, did service, and ate and ate and ate.
  On Christmas Eve we went and saw Joseph Lopez.  He is such a goof.
Every time we go over there he says "I have been meaning to tell you
guys, I don't want tone baptized."  Every single time.  We just laugh
at him.  Well this time it started out the same, but ended a lot
different.  I asked him if he believed everything that we had taught
him, and he said " Of course I do.  God gave me an answer.  I have
seen results, I can feel it.  I just don't know how I can go to 3
hours of church when the Cardinals are on!"  Oh Joseph.  How amazing
is it though that this 14 year old punk can receive and recognize an
answer from God.  Now, if we can just petition and get the Cardinals
to start playing on Saturdays.

It was so awesome getting to talk to the family for a bit, love you
guys.  Thanks to everyone that sent me letters and Christmas cards and
packages!  I got to feel a little bit of some Utah love:)

As Christmas season comes to an end and as we are getting ready make
resolutions, I hope to keep the spirit of Christ with me all year
round.  The love and light of Christ is something that will never end.

Sister Dunlap was playing with her new bouncy ball and hit the light
fixture in our living room and smashed it.  Glass everywhere.

I got asked how old I was and I said watermelon.  I don't know how I
miss understood that.

None of us could sleep on Christmas Eve so we took a picture.

We got stranded by ourselves at the visitors center for 3 hours.  Our
ride ditched us so we just walked around acted like Mesa Temple
missionaries.  We convinced quite a few families to meet with the the

Monday, October 26, 2015

#8 "These are a few of my favorite things."

Ok so being a missionary is muy suave (very cool).  There are so many things that I love about my calling so I thought I would share a couple with you.

1.  Street contacting.  This is by far my favorite thing to do in the whole Entire world. Going up to random people and just making a new friend is the best.  Listening to the stories they have to tell and relating it to the gospel.  Elder Holland said that "if you truly listen to someone with the spirit of the Lord, what they are saying will highlight a gospel truth.  Always". How amazing is that, being on my mission I have seen this everyday.  Next time you are talking to someone who doesn't have the gospel think about it.  How can this relate to the blessing of the gospel.

2.  Being at the right place at the right time.  This week we were trying to figure where to go tracking after a lesson and my companion said that we should go visit this family that hadn't been returning our calls. So we go, and Olga opens the door and starts yelling saying she didn't have time to talk with us, and that she wanted us to go away.  But missionaries are like a cold you can't shake it off.  We stayed and she ended opening up to us.  Something really bad happened to her that morning and she really needed god's love.  We shared D&C 121: 7-8 with her ( which is my favorite scripture)  the spirit was SO strong.  She thanked us and told us we were the answers to her prayers and that she regretted shutting us out.

3.  THE MEMBERS. Oh my goodness we have so many members I want to talk about but I don't have time.  They are the best, they are so willing to come out with us to lessons and fellowship.  They also feed us. FEED THE MISSIONARIES.  WE LOVE IT.

4.  Teaching the law of chastity.

5.  Having a companion who sings like a Disney princess


we went hiking this morning and we made a new friend😊.
I get asked what part of Mexico I am from everyday πŸ˜‘
Then they realize I don't speak Spanish and they laugh at me πŸ˜’
One of our investigators wouldn't let me leave till I drank a huge cup of soda for a dirty and I mean like dusty cup.

Everyone go read Ether 12 k?  Email me what you learned about faith k?

Monday, October 19, 2015

#7 "I ate a goat"

Well to start things off I can't remember very much that happened this week.  My life is seriously the biggest blur.  Biking, knocking on doors, teaching, study, rice, knocking on doors, beans, teaching, more beans, more teaching, embarrassing moment, more beans.  I love every second.

First off we committed another baptism! Her name is Hermana Mata and she has been an investigator for 30 years.  How crazy is that.  We didn't even know she wasn't a member b cause she comes to church every week.  Anyways we finally set up a lesson with her and she is getting baptized in two weeks.  I LOVE BAPTISMS.  Also 5 investigators came to church this week.  Fistpump up in the air for the Hermanas.  Pretty sure we will have another baptism by the end of the day too.

Today we had a mission meeting, and President Toone told us some pretty exciting news.  Members of the Missionary board from Salt Lake are coming and shadowing missionaries.  They are doing s pretty cool project here in Tempe because we are the most successful mission with technology.  I wish I could tell you more but i can't. Sorry.

Tender moment, I told Hermana Andelin that I just wanted to bike in the rain, two seconds later it started pouring.  Dios me ama.


YEAH remember those goats from last week?  Yeah I ate one the other day.  Pretty gross, I felt especially bad eating it while his brother was staring at me from across the table.  Also I made him Andelin light her own candles on her birthday cake,isn't she the cutest ?  And some one gave us flowers, so my helmet hair is pretty awkward if you ask me.

I love you all.  I had a couple people ask for my address

208 W. Darrow St.
Phoenix, Arizona 85041

Love you write meπŸ¬πŸ›